MCR Property Group Announces Sale of Four Corners Apartments in Chertsey to Undisclosed Party


Exterior view of Four Corners Residential Development in Chertsey, Surrey
Four Corners Residential Apartments in Chertsey, Surrey

MCR Property Group is pleased to announce the successful sale of the Four Corners Apartments in Chertsey, Surrey to an undisclosed party. This transaction marks another significant milestone for MCR Property Group and further underscores their expertise in delivering exceptional residential investment opportunities in the South of England.

Four Corners Apartments, a prominent residential property located in the heart of Chertsey, has proven to be an asset in MCR Property Group’s portfolio. The sale of this prime property represents a strategic decision aligned with the company’s ongoing commitment to portfolio optimisation and capitalising on emerging market trends.¬†

While the identity of the buyer remains confidential, MCR Property Group is confident that the undisclosed party shares their vision for the property’s future development and will continue to enhance its value and appeal. The transaction demonstrates the attractiveness of Chertsey’s real estate market and the strong interest it continues to generate among investors.

“We are pleased to announce the sale of the Four Corners Apartments. This transaction represents a significant achievement for MCR Property Group as we continue to strategically position our portfolio and identify new opportunities across industrial, whilst strategically managing our vast residential property pipeline,” said David Tracey, COO at MCR Property Group. “We believe the undisclosed party will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the property, further benefiting the community and stakeholders.”

MCR Property Group is continuously pursuing pioneering real estate ventures and investment opportunities throughout the UK, further growing its portfolio. The company’s expertise in recognising evolving markets, rejuvenating properties, and achieving outstanding returns consistently establishes its position as a trusted leader in the property industry.


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