Delivering Quality Affordable Homes In High Demand Rental Locations

With a pipeline of 4000+ new units across key private rental schemes throughout the UK our high quality, high demand build to rent offerings continues to grow consistently year on year.

Our Delivery Strategy

The MCR Capital Fund (II) act proactively to the demands of the private rental sector to source and develop high quality rental homes in affordable and attractive locations. The key investment focus of high-yield properties persists for our clients and investors. Development accessibility is central to our Fund’s core aim, as is ensuring affordability whilst retaining a distinct level of quality. This will allow the MCR Capital Fund (II) to deliver assets that produce strong returns consistently for our partners and stakeholders.

PRS Goals

MCR Property’s build to rent scheme seeks to increase affordability levels in high demand areas that have traditionally had low availability at a lower price point. This strategy is underpinned by maintaining a high level of quality, creating a desirable and sought-after product for the market that has up to now been inadequate. Ultimately, our continued goal is to improve our stock by managing our Fund’s properties to a superior standard, providing families with the prospect to live affordably without lowering standards.

Homes of Distinction

Our portfolio of purpose built private residential schemes are executed to an elevated standard. By building quality homes, we strive to put community needs at the heart of all our schemes. Our properties adhere to the most stringent health and safety requirements without compromising on the aesthetic. In turn, we offer an exceptional product to end users and investors, creating well-designed yet affordable PRS developments across the country.

Our PRS Pipeline

Over the next 12 to 24 months, our PRS pipeline continues to grow steadily despite market limitations. A testament to this is our delivery of over 2000 residential units in 2020 and an additional 4000+ due for completion in the short to medium term. From purpose build developments to new builds and large-scale regeneration projects, we are confident in our ability to expand our Build to Rent scheme in both size and scope over the next 24 months.

Key Locations

All our purpose built private residential schemes are built to the highest standard. Not only do we look to provide quality homes but also to build developments which put community at the heart of all the schemes. Built to the extremely high standards of safety and design our affordable homes provide residents with a best in class PRS development.