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The MCR Capital Fund has successfully delivered over 1000 homes across the UK to date.

The main concentration of the fund is sourcing property and land in covetable residential locations with a focus on the affordable private residential market. All our projects guarantee high yield returns along with optimal gross returns for our buyers and investors.

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About The Fund

The MCR Capital Fund (II) takes proactive steps to meet the demands of the private rental sector.

Building on the success of our fund, we have expanded our business model to offer funding opportunities to the wider market. The MCR Capital Fund (II) is now available to property management companies and developers, with GBP £750 million allocated for development financing. All administered funds will be ring-fenced within the private rental market, specifically for those engaged in Buy To Rent (BTR) and Private Rental Sector (PRS) schemes.

How The Capital Fund Operates

The MCR Capital Fund (II) is a financing option designed to support property management companies and developers. The overarching goal is to create high long-term yields that are sustainable, supporting growth through:

Development Opportunities: We purchase sites with or without planning to build out BTR/PRS schemes in major UK cities.


Forward Purchasing: The MCR Capital Fund endeavours to bulk purchase residential blocks at discounted rates to the open market value, delivering the highest return on investment for our partners. MCR Homes will stabilise the asset through our professional letting and management services, creating an attractive investment for institutional investors to purchase once operational.


Forward Funding: We offer joint venture opportunities with a contractor or developer who is responsible for the management of sites to build out BTR units. This enables us to offer a product where we ensure the stabilisation of income through our management arm, MCR Homes. Our holistic approach to management alongside our exceptional expertise optimises the Fund’s property portfolio in both returns and efficiency. This facilitates our ability to sell these assets to institutions/investors once they are fully tenanted, maximising potential.

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Projects for Consideration


With the MCR Capital Fund (II) primarily focused on the affordable homes sector throughout the UK, three key development areas re being made available to investors:

  • Two to three-bedroom dwellings
  • Apartment buildings up to 8 stories high
  • Combining houses and apartments.

Site Types For Consideration

The MCR Capital Fund (II) provides flexible purchasing options for developers and property management companies to access funding. The nature of sites we consider vary from those currently under development to ground up sites, including:

  • Land to build, with or without planning
  • Forward funding opportunities
  • Completed or partial completed developments
  • Site with contractor required
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Construction Types Considered

MCR Property’s Build To Rent scheme

Flexible on construction method and warranty type, the MCR Capital Fund (II) could be your ideal solution should a funding partner be required. Applicants are welcome to apply for funding for projects under development or in the planning stage, which meets our above guidelines and below construction types:

  • Traditional
  • Modular
  • Light weight steel frame

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