The former Yesterday’s nightclub, a 17,728 sq ft building deemed structurally unsafe, was demolished to make way for the erection of 8 detached and 4 semi-detached dwellings.

The Harden Park development is situated in the highly sought-after suburb of Alderley Edge, in South Manchester. The development is scattered across the 1.67 Ha site which lies in the North Cheshire Green Belt, allowing for the dwellings to be spread across the site, amongst the surrounding natural beauty.

The design aimed to reduce the mass of the dwelling with a single storey and flat roofs. The scheme has been designed so it appears as woodland from the outside, with just glimpses of the buildings visible to the improved footpath on the southern side of Harden Park.

The major housing development, worth more than £10.5 million, is accessible via a private road, encompassing spacious grounds, woodlands, an on-site lake, and outhouses.