Strategic Land

MCR Strategic Land is the residential land arm of MCR Property Group and is focussed on using our land and planning expertise to identify and secure land development opportunities, to unlock potential and add value through the planning process.

Our principle activity is the identification, acquisition and promotion of residential land through the planning system.

Using a focused approach and our in-depth knowledge of both the planning system and the development sector, we are able to unlock, maximise and deliver the development potential of land, ranging from small urban infill locations through to large scale sustainable urban extensions.

In our role as either owner or option / promotion partner, MCR Strategic Land leads multi-disciplinary teams to tackle complex challenges and unlock planning solutions.

MCR Strategic Land will acquire freehold land outright for promotion through planning. We are able to purchase land unconditionally and then promote the land through planning.

Alternatively, we will enter into Option Agreements (OAs) or Planning Promotion Agreements (PPAs) with landowners, to promote the land through the planning system at our own cost and risk, whilst the landowner retains ownership of the land. This enables the landowner to keep possession of the land whilst we bring both our professional expertise and financial resources to negotiate a way through the planning system.

MCR Strategic Land is currently progressing several residential sites through the Local Plan process in Cheshire and Staffordshire.

We are currently looking for residential sites across the country with the potential for at least 100 houses.

Please forward potential site details to Cameron Jeffery, Acquisition Manager – [email protected]