MCR Property Group Announces Strategic Disposal of St Vincent’s House and Reveals Expansive Acquisition Pipeline Across the UK

Property Type: Business Center / Offices

MCR Property Group today confirmed the strategic disposal of St Vincent’s House in Ipswich for an undisclosed sum, a key move in its dynamic portfolio optimisation strategy. This development coincides with the announcement of an extensive acquisition pipeline, highlighting MCR’s commitment to enhancing its presence across commercial and residential sectors throughout the UK.

The company has successfully secured long-term tenancies with international tenants such as Freightliner, underscoring the effectiveness of its asset management strategy. This robust pipeline of acquisitions is set to bolster MCR’s market position, driving growth and invigorating key markets sectors such as light-industrial and residential btr. 

Martin Brown, Fund Manager at MCR Property Group, commented on the developments, saying, “This strategic disposal and our upcoming acquisitions are integral to our broader initiative. We are constantly moving forward in the market, reinvesting our finances and efforts into our strategic vision, ensuring sustained growth and value creation.


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