Rise in renters seeking help for tenancy issues

There has been a 40% rise in the number of private tenants seeking help for tenancy issues during the first two months of 2021.


During the pandemic last year, a ban was placed on landlords evicting their tenants – in an attempt to ease the worries of those struggling due to the impact of COVID-19. However, even with this ban in place, many private renters are concerned by the threat of eviction.


Citizens Advice is helping one person every minute…


The charity Citizens Advice shares that it has been helping one person every minute solve and issue with their rental property. Eviction proceedings which were banned by the government in 2020 currently look to come to an end on May 31st 2021. This has fuelled worry in many tenants who are now rushing to solve issues with renting before this date.


69,000 people reached out to Citizens Advice in January and February 2021, and these numbers look to rise as we approach the May deadline.


Solving tenancy issues


Citizens Advice have shared that they have helped 16,530 people with one-to-one advice during January and February and a number of issues came up commonly for tenants. 29% of tenants had issues with repairs and maintenance of rental properties; 9% needed advice about possession action; 5% reported harassment from their landlord; and 4% asked for help relating to illegal eviction.


As we move forward into spring and summer, many tenants will be looking for new homes; and property developers and agents such as MCR Property Group will be able to offer expert advice and guidance.


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Apr 13th, 2021