Post-COVID: Why Business Leaders Look To Change Workplace Design

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the commercial property sector, and in 2020 to 2021 the government recorded the lowest number of transactions in the last 10 years at a mere 70,010 compared with the previous year’s figure of 99,850. It is clear that since the emergence of COVID-19 there has been a shift in workplace culture as well as mentality. MCR Property is one of many developers who have seen the impact of this change and have dedicated time to providing landlords and employers with safe workplaces for their employees. 


Many business leaders will look to change and evolve workplace design permanently after COVID-19, and it is important for us to explore how and why this will occur. As business leaders purchase or rent new office spaces; a focus on safety and security will be paramount to success. A real shift in perception has been noted in the last year – and employee safety and wellbeing is more crucial than ever. 


At MCR we manage an array of industrial, commercial and leisure properties across the UK; and at the forefront of our minds as the pandemic changes the way we live and work is understanding the needs of our tenants and facility managers.


The global pandemic forced many office dwellers to work from home and this has since seen a shift to a more flexible work culture for many across a wealth and bredth of industries. This change has provided some real insight to tenants and landlords on how to proceed and move with the times. 


MCR is one of many companies managing the rental and sale of commercial buildings in 2021; and understanding the needs of tenants and landlords remains the forefront of their minds. 


One of the most important aspects when changing the workplace is creating a space that offers a range of working styles to fit employees. One thing the pandemic has shown is that employees are productive in a multitude of ways and accommodating this is important to keep morale as well as productivity in the workplace. COVID-19 forced many of us to shift away from at-the-desk working, and the future looks to take these changes into account. 


Workplace design is important and has changed dramatically since even the early 2000’s. Cubicle working is no longer commonplace, and we have shifted to a much more open working environment where workers can come and go as they please and manage their own time effectively. From the perspective of property developers and real estate agents it is important to be aware of the evolving needs of the client – and MCR Property will certainly be doing this going forward.


When renting or purchasing an office space in 2021, contact us and look toward the future of workplace design.


Apr 2nd, 2021